Belarus - Vladimir Semashko: The large distance between Belarus and Venezuela will never be a hindrance to building stronger bilateral relations

The large distance between Belarus and Venezuela will never be a hindrance to building stronger bilateral relations. The statement was made by Belarus First Vice Premier Vladimir Semashko as wreaths were placed at the memorial plaque in the mini park named after Simon Bolivar in Minsk on 19 April on occasion of the 200th anniversary of Venezuela's independence.

Vladimir Semashko believes the ceremony is a testimony to sincere friendship and fellow feeling of the Belarusians about Venezuela and the Venezuelans about Belarus, a testimony to the expanding cooperation and affinity of the nations. "The importance that we and our Venezuelan friends attribute to celebrating the 200th anniversary of Venezuela's independence confirms the striving of both countries towards tighter cooperation. The large distance has never been and will never be a hindrance to stronger Belarusian-Venezuelan ties," stressed the First Vice Premier.

Vladimir Semashko said that as a token of respect for Venezuela a Belarusian delegation is now in Caracas. It was invited to partake in celebrations timed to the 200th anniversary of Venezuela's independence.

"We have excellent relations with Venezuela. Cooperation is developing fast. We can state that cooperation between our countries has reached the strategic partnership level. It is testified by regular contacts at the interstate level," said the First Vice Premier.

Vladimir Semashko believes that there is a solid foundation for pursuing the policy of strategic partnership: an independent foreign policy and people-oriented social domestic policy in the two countries, the striving for building a multipolar world, the need to combine efforts to resist external pressure. The First Vice Premier underlined that Belarus and Venezuela have the same views on key international problems on the agenda of the United Nations Organization and the Non-Aligned Movement.

In line with top level agreements Belarus implements large-scale projects in trade, economic, scientific, technical areas. Joint scrupulous efforts are exercised in these areas. According to Vladimir Semashko, contacts between ministries, organizations, enterprises, educational and scientific centers of the two countries have become more active.

Concrete results have been secured as far as the implementation of bilateral projects is concerned. Joint ventures have been set up to prospect and extract oil, Belarusian potash fertilizers are supplied to Venezuela along with rock haulers, trucks, tractors. Agreements on promoting scientific and technical cooperation, projects in the area of seismic machinery, installation of gas service, industry, architecture, and food are being implemented.

According to Vladimir Semashko, the expansion of ties in these areas is a logical addition to the advanced level of bilateral policy cooperation. Vladimir Semashko said he believes Belarus and Venezuela should go on building up the bilateral ties.


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