Russia reportedly invites Belarus to design mobile atomic stations

Text of report by Belarusian privately-owned news agency Belapan

Minsk, 19 April: Russia has invited Belarusian scientists to jointly develop local nuclear power engineering facilities, the first deputy chairman of the presidium of the National Academy of Sciences, Pyotr Vitsyaz, told journalists on 19 April. He was speaking about mobile sources of energy, or mobile atomic mini- stations.

According to Vitsyaz, Russia is interested in such projects to potentially use the capabilities of local power engineering for the needs of geologists and oil and gas prospectors.

Belarus does not object to participation on condition that requisite funding is provided, Vitsyaz said.

The invitation to join the project came to the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus from institutes of Rosatom [the Russian Federation State Corporation for Atomic Energy].

Originally published by Belapan news agency, Minsk, in Belarusian 1440 19 Apr 10.


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