Scorpions Discuss Possibly Reuniting with Former Members for Farewell Tour

The Scorpions are currently on their massive Get Your Sting and Blackout Tour which is the band's final trek in support of their last album ever, Sting in the Tail.

With a giant catalog, the group promises to play classics as well as new songs and even some tracks they haven't performed a long time.

Singer Klaus Meine revealed there might be some surprises, too. "Well, at some part of the tour, we might have [former members] Uli Jon Roth, Michael Schenker, Herman Rarebell joining us for maybe a few shows. Nothing's planned yet, it depends on their schedule as well, but they're more than welcome to do something like A Night to Remember and play songs that are connected with this moment in time when they were with the band."

The Scorpions play in Minsk, Belarus tomorrow. Their complete tour schedule is available at


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