Kyrgyz interim government to seek Bakiyev extradition from Minsk

By Andrew Moran.

Bishkek - The Kyrgyzstan interim government announced that it will seek the extradition of the ousted President once the investigation into his alleged crimes is completed. The former Kyrgyz leader is in exile in Belarus.

Kurmanbek Bakiyev in Minsk, Roza Otunbayeva will seek his extradition

According to CNN, former Kyrgyzstan President Kurmanbek Bakiyev is in exile in Minsk, Belarus on Tuesday. The previous day, the ousted leader was still in Kazakhstan where he had taken refuge before leaving for an unannounced location.

The chief of staff of the Kyrgyzstan interim government, Edil Baisalov, announced that once the investigation is completed into the former President's alleged crimes on Apr. 7, they will seek the extradition for Bakiyev so he will stand trial.

"We have a mutual obligation to extradite criminals. We expect Belarus to provide protection and security for Bakiyev until he faces justice in Kyrgyzstan for his bloody crimes," said Baisalov. He also accused Bakiyev of being fully responsible for the Bishkek violence during the political upheaval nearly two weeks ago, reports the Associated Press.

Riots and violence still plague Bishkek

New violence has been sparked in Bishkek as clashes between residents, criminals and looters have injured at least ten people and killed one, according to Xinhua.

The Kyrgyz Health Ministry said that one man was immediately taken to the hospital for a gunshot wound and is in a state of clinical death, while four others have been hospitalized. A large number of houses are on fire and villages are engulfed with smoke.

Meanwhile, 20 Bakiyev supporters have taken over government offices for several days in the southern town of Jalal-Abad. The supporters have implemented their own candidates as head of the regional police department, which forced the interim government to work under their appointee.


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