FBI against Internet fraud - two Belarusians will get a prison term

On behalf of the U.S. federal authorities arrested two 25-year-old citizen of Belarus - Dmitry Naskovets and Sergei Semashko. They are accused of complicity in the use of stolen financial information, for example, numbers of bank cards. Criminals have created a Russian website (now closed at the request of the FBI, as a notice on the page), it was launched in Lithuania back in 2007. At this service the German-and English-speaking captors financial information could store collected their data.

Often, they include not only data from stolen bank accounts and biographical facts of the victims, their addresses, social security policies, security questions to recover your account, and so on. These criminals could use to steal money from the accounts of victims: they call the bank and carrying out illegal transactions. And to help them in this site is two enterprising Belarusians.

Thus contributed to criminal activity more than 2000 cheaters, and the site actively advertised on the Internet. Dmitry Naskovets was arrested in the Czech Republic on April 15, and Sergei Semashko - the same day in Belarus. The accusation brought against the criminals in the District Court in Manhattan, USA. Naskovtsu, in particular, faces up to 39,5 years in prison.


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