Belarus not to share profit from Venezuelan oil deal with Russian shareholders

Text of report by Belarusian state-owned broadcaster First TV Channel, on 27 April

[Correspondent] Speaking to the director-general of the Mazyr oil refinery [Anatol Kupryyanaw], [Belarusian President] Alyaksandr Lukashenka demanded that all the profit made from processing 80,000 tonnes of Venezuelan crude remain in Belarus. [The tanker with Venezuelan crude bought by Belarus has already arrived in the Ukrainian port of Odessa and is being delivered to Mazyr, Homel Region, by rail].

[Lukashenka] This [Mazyr oil refinery] is a joint-stock company which has Russian capital, among others, as far as I understand. Right? Forty?

[Kupryyanaw] Forty-two point five per cent.

[Lukashenka] Forty-two per cent. So remember - even if a single kopeck goes over to the investors on that side, it's on your head. All the money up to the last penny, all the profit, must remain in Belarus.

[Kupryyanaw] Understood.

[Lukashenka] They did not need to refine crude, so there is no profit. Remember. If someone tries to interfere, speak out straight away.

[Since the beginning of 2010, Russia has slapped duty on crude being exported for processing in Belarus, allowing only a limited amount to be imported into Belarus duty-free for Belarusian domestic consumption.]

Originally published by Belarusian television, Minsk, in Russian 1200 27 Apr 10.


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