Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan forming common customs territory - Putin

SOCHI, April 27 (Itar-Tass) -- Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan are forming a common customs territory in keeping with the trilateral agreements, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said at a Tuesday conference on the development of the Customs Union borders.

Unified mechanisms of foreign trade regulation and the joint customs code will enter into force by July 1, 2010. Besides, border control will be exercised on the external boundaries of Belarus, and formalities will be reduced substantially on the Kazakh frontier.

Border control will fully shift to the Customs Union perimeter starting from July 1, 2011, Putin said.

"These changes will be beneficial for citizens and create additional possibilities for law abiding business," he said. "It is necessary to guarantee economic interests and security of all member countries of the Customs Union and to upgrade control on the external perimeter," he said.

"It is necessary to speed up the elaboration of common border control standards and to ensure cooperation between controlling and law enforcement agencies of the three countries, including the exchange of current information," he said.

The Russian government will liberalize import of Ukrainian-made pipes, Putin said on Tuesday.

According to Putin, his Ukrainian counterpart contacted him late on Monday and asked to take prompt measures to settle mutual trade liberalization issues.

"Ukraine has passed a relevant decision in respect of chemicals," Putin said. "Today, we will take the decision long awaited by pipe manufacturers, and as the Ukrainian government has asked, 260,000 tons of Ukrainian pipes will be marketed on the Russian market."

According to the Russian prime minister, these pipes will primarily be supplied to Russia's gas utility Gazprom and the oil major Transneft.


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