'Weary' Lukashenko has no fear of losing presidency

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said on Tuesday he is weary of work and would feel "no fear" if his successor were to be found, the Belta news agency said.

Presidential polls are set for February 6, 2011 in Belarus. Lukashenko has been in office since 1994 in the former Soviet republic.

"Frankly speaking, I have already had my fill of work. If you find a new president, I will feel no fear. Anyway, he has to be found sooner or later. If you find him - fine," Belta quoted Lukashenko as saying in a speech in southeast Belarus's Gomel Region.

"You see, somebody doesn't like the current president, both in the West and in the East. ... They itch to step in here. I don't mind this, but I am just telling you - do not lose your grip," Lukashenko said.

On the subject of the recent developments in Kyrgyzstan, Lukashenko said the Belarus people should be careful not to allow a similar scenario to unfold in Belarus.

MOSCOW, April 27 (RIA Novosti)


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