Venezuelan Oil For Belarus Arrives in Ukraine

Ukraine has started receiving oil from Venezuela destined for refineries in Belarus, the Ukrainian Transport Ministry has reported. On April 25, the 249-meter Sea Star tanker (Malta) arrived at the Odessa marine port with a cargo of 80,000 tons of crude to be forwarded to the Mozyr Refinery (Homel Region, Belarus).

"Economists are calculating the profitability of receiving crude for Belarus at the Odessa port and then shipping it on by rail to the recipient. If this experiment is successful, up to 4 million tons of crude per year may be shipped this way (according to agreement between the two countries", according to the ministry report.

Odessa Port Director Nikolay Pavlyuk confirmed that there was no problem with loading transit crude for Belarus in Odessa. He said the feasibility of this particular route depended mostly on synchronizing the operations of tank farms involved so that they had the capacity required for the deliveries.

Minsk intends to import Venezuelan crude in light of a spat with Moscow over deliveries of Russian crude.


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