Kyrgyz diplomat says Bakiyev's extradition not to affect ties with Belarus

ANKARA, April 28 (Xinhua) -- A Kyrgyz diplomat said on Wednesday the extradition sought by the Kyrgyz interim government of ousted President Kurmanbek Bakiyev from Belarus will not have a negative impact on the two countries' relations.

"Our government of course would like to make an extradition of him (Bakiyev) to Kyrgyzstan, but it doesn't mean that our relationships with this country will get worse," Attache Deniz Grechanny of the Kyrgyz embassy in Turkey told a press conference.

He also told reporters the interim government has stabilized the situation in the country, while the security forces and law enforcers will take all necessary measures to maintain safety and order.

Kyrgyz Charge d'Affaires in Turkey Jyldyz Uzakova said investigations about the illegal activities of the ousted government were going on and results would be announced as soon as the probes are finished.

"We haven't received any responses (from Belarus) yet. We'll keep working on it ... we hope the decision (of Belarus) will be made in a sensible way," she told the press conference.

On April 7, clashes between Kyrgyz opposition supporters and the police evolved into nationwide unrest which killed at least 85 people and ended with the collapse of Bakiyev's government. The opposition has formed an interim government and announced a new draft constitution designed to restrict the president's power.

Bakiyev fled Bishkek after the unrest, first to Kazakhstan's south and then to Belarus. He recently claimed in Minsk that he was still the country's legitimate president, but would not return to office.

Belarus hasn't responded to the extradition request yet and its president, Alexander Lukashenko, has denounced the unrest and criticized Bakiyev's overthrow.

All judicial procedures about the extradition were handled according to international law on behalf of international commissions, said Uzakova.

The interim government "has enough power and means to self- maintainedly provide public order in Kyrgyzstan, safety of the Kyrgyz citizens and their property," she said.

The interim government on Monday enacted a decree to support and protect foreign and local investments and is scheduled to hold a referendum on a revised constitution on June 27 and parliamentary elections on Oct. 10, according to Uzakova.


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