Minister outlines Belarus' targets for broadband growth in 2010

The Minister of Communications and Informatisation for the Republic of Belarus, Nicolai Pantelei, is quoted as saying the country will be home to 1.8 million broadband internet subscribers by the end of this year, up from the 500,000 currently subscribed to national PTO Beltelcom's network. The minister's announcement comes in the wake of a statement from Andrey Kononov, the deputy head of Belarusian public corporation Gyprosvyaz, that broadband internet penetration in the country will top 34% in 2015, broken down as 38% in cities and 25% in rural areas. Online news journal goes on to say that the Belarusian authorities are targeting three million high speed internet connections by 31 December 2015, of which half will be using mobile broadband as their means of access. For its part, Beltelecom is targeting a minimum two million broadband internet subscribers by 2015, on top of which it believes it will have between 400,000-500,000 dial-up users - broadly the same as today.


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