Bailiffs enter Union of Poles in Belarus office

Bailiffs entered the premises of leader of the Union of Poles in Belarus, Tuesday, taking away a computer, TV set and microwave oven.

In February, Andzelika Borys (left) - who is leader of Poles in Belarus and chair of the Polonika company which handles the union's assets - was charged by a court in Grudno with alleged financial irregularities concerning charity donations and was fined 4,200,000 rubles (1,000 euro).

Borys claimed she was not informed about the fine by the court and this was the reason why she didn't pay it. "I was never told of the punishment," she said today.

On Monday, three bailiffs entered her office and took away a music system, microwave oven, computer, phone, TV set and some furniture.

The Union of Poles sees the seizure of property as further proof of increased harassment and repression by the authoritarian regime in Minsk led by President Aleksander Lukashenko. The Polish parliament and the European parliament have passed motions calling for the regime to have a greater respect for human rights in the run up to local elections in the ex-Soviet nation this month. (pg)


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