Agricultural organizations of Belarus sowed 4.6% of early spring grains

As of April 5, 2010, agricultural organizations of Belarus sowed early spring grains and leguminous plants throughout 50.3 thsd ha, which totaled 4.6% of the planned areas, declared the Ministry of Agriculture and Food.

Brest and Gomel oblasts have already started the mass sowing campaign of early spring grains, the other oblasts plan to start the sowing works at the end of the week in the terms of the favorable weather conditions, explained representatives of the Ministry.

As of April 5, agrarians of Belarus provided the sowing campaign of early agricultural crops throughout 2.2% of planned areas, or 52.1 thsd ha.

Agrarians stocked 867.8 thsd tonnes of reactant of mineral fertilizers for the spring sowing campaign, or 64.6% of the required volumes, including 267 thsd tonnes of nitrogenous fertilizers (47.1% of the required volumes), 97.1 thsd tonnes of phosphorous fertilizers (47.2%), 503.7 thsd tonnes of potash fertilizers (88.3%).

As a reminder, in 2010, Belarus plans to provide the spring sowing campaign throughout 2.5 mln ha, including 1.24 mln ha of spring grains and leguminous plants.


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