Belarus starts the mass sowing campaign of spring grains

Agricultural enterprises of Belarus started the mass sowing campaign of spring grains, declared Peter Burduk, the head of the department of plant growing and fodder production of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Belarus, on April 7.

According to official data, agrarians of Belarus sowed early spring grains and leguminous plants throughout 85.4 thsd ha, which totaled 7.8% of the planned areas. The majority of agricultural enterprises started the sowing campaign. All regions of Brest, Gomel and Minsk oblasts started the sowing campaign. Due to the belated spring and soil overwetting in some regions, Vitebsk and Mogilev oblasts provide selective sowing works in separate regions. The daily sowing rates of agrarians total 20 thsd ha of agricultural lands, the rates continue increasing and will reach the level of 40-50 thsd ha in the terms of the favorable weather conditions, according to P.Burduk.

Belarusian agrarians continue additional fertilizing of winter grains sowings. To date, agrarians applied fertilizers to 376.5 thsd ha of winter grains sowings or nearly 30% of the planned areas.

Agricultural enterprises stocked 915.7 thsd tonnes of mineral fertilizers, or 68% of the required volumes, including 283.8 thsd tonnes of nitrogenous fertilizers (50% of the required volumes), 102 thsd tonnes of phosphorous fertilizers (49.6%), 529.9 thsd tonnes of potash fertilizers (92.9%).

In the current year, Belarus plans to produce nearly 10 mln tonnes of grains. The spring sowing campaign will pass in rather brief terms - during 2-3 weeks. Agrarians plans to complete the sowing campaign of the main grains till May 1, maize - till May 15.


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