Belarus ready to consider selling control of gas pipelines to Gazprom

Text of report in English by Belarusian privately-owned news agency Belapan

Minsk, 8 April: The Belarusian government is ready to consider selling control of Beltranshaz [Belarusian gas pipeline operator] to Gazprom, First Deputy Prime Minister Uladzimir Syamashka told reporters in Minsk on Thursday [8 April].

If Gazprom formally announces its wish, "we'll think and consider this proposal", Mr Syamashka said.

Following the payment of the last 625m-dollar instalment in late February, Gazprom currently holds 50 per cent in the Belarusian gas pipeline company.

While on a visit to Minsk in late March, Andrey Kruglov, deputy chairman of the board of the Russian state-run natural gas monopoly, said that Gazprom would like to acquire control of the company. However, he noted, this is a matter of relations between not only these two economic entities but also between the two states. Since the governments are the main stockholders of both Gazprom and Beltranshaz, "we'll adjust our investment plans on the basis of interstate agreements," he said.

Originally published by Belapan news agency, Minsk, in English 2255 8 Apr 10.


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