Betelecom Begins WiMAX Services in Minsk

Betelecom launched mobile WiMAX in the Belarus capital of Minsk March 31. The company installed 22 base stations that use the 802.16e technology in the 3.5GHz frequency.

The services will be offered commercially, with new users getting a USB modem for the life of the contract. The company is also allowing users to test the service before signing a contract. Russia and eastern Europe have led the way in adopting WiMAX.

Yota in Russia broke even after five months of offering commercial services and were the first to offer a WiMAX-enabled phone and other important devices like mobile hot spots and USB modems.WiMAX continually gets adopted by European and other international countries faster than in the U.S. but that will change in 2010 as strides are being made in deployment in the U.S. WiMAX is going to be the next great technology.


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