2005-05-09 17:32:56

Belarus Opposition Leader Seeks Meeting with Bush in Tbilisi

/ Civil Georgia, Tbilisi /

Visiting leader of the Belarus opposition Anatoly Lebedko, who chairs the United Civil Party, said in Tbilisi that he does not rule out the possibility of holding talks with U.S. President George Bush during the latter's visit to Tbilisi on May 9-10.

"Nothing happens occasionally in politics," Lebedko said in an interview with the Rustavi 2 television on May 9, when he was asked to comment about his arrival to Tbilisi coinciding with the U.S. President plans to visit Georgia.

He also said that a scenario similar to those which occurred in Georgia and Ukraine may develop in Belarus as well.

"We rely upon the population, the majority of which is ready to support a new person [as the leader of Belarus]. I do not know which color will be chosen [referring to Georgia's Rose and Ukraine's Orange Revolutions], but I am sure that justice will triumph finally," Lebedko added.