18 May 2005

Former Lukashenko associate write kiss-and-tell book

By TBT staff

VILNIUS - A former associate of President Alexander Lukashenko has published a biography of the Belarusian dictator that he presented to the public in Vilnius.

In the book Alexander Feduta, a journalist, admits to having made a serious mistake 10 years ago when he supported Lukashenko's candidacy.

The book, the author told the public on Monday, is a confession of a serious mistake made by him over a decade ago, when he was attracted by the strong personality of Lukashenko. "It was obvious that authority was an absolute goal for him, that he would come the whole way and would not give up," the Belarusian journalist said, presenting the book - "Lukashenko: Political Biography in Vilnius" - in Vilnius.

"I am firmly convinced that Lukashenko is a symptom of a very serious disease. I hope the book will help our nation to recover," he said.

Feduta expressed satisfaction that President Valdas Adamkus, whom he gave a copy of the book to, would read the book.