Byelorussia to develop Jofeir oil field in Iran

Interfax quoted Mr Vladimir Semashko Belarusian First Deputy Prime Minister said at a meeting with Iranian Central Bank Vice Governor Mr Reza Raei in Minsk that Belarus views a joint project with Iran on developing the Jofeir oil field as a strategic one and expects its more active implementation.

Mr Semashko said a similar oil field development project in Venezuela, which was started later than the Iranian one, has already brought about some results. He said that "We have information that there is certain progress on Jofeir. We should reach an agreement today on how we will work further."

Mr Raei said the issue of the Jofeir oil field development project financing has been absolutely decided upon and the project will be financed by the Iranian Central Bank.

Mr Semashko also mentioned a number of other joint projects with Iran that Belarus treats as a priority, among them the construction of transportation and logistics center near the Minsk international airport by the Iranian construction company Kayson. He said that Belarus also expects the beginning of the construction of a cement factory in the Gomel region by Iran.



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