Belarus President: Country's KGB Must Be At Soviet-era Standards

MINSK, Belarus (AFP)--Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko, regularly criticized in the West for its human rights record, Thursday called on his secret police to work to Soviet-era levels of efficiency.

"The organs assuring the security of the state have to work a lot better, the role and the importance of the KGB must be taken to the level that existed during the best years of the Soviet epoch," he said.

This was the only way to bring order to the country, said Lukashenko, in comments during a meeting with Vadim Zaitsev, the head of Belarus' Committee for State Security, or KGB, security service, according to a statement issue from his office.

The KGB and its predecessors the NKVD and the Cheka were notorious for their ruthless suppression of any form of dissident activity during the Communist era of the Soviet Union.

Belarus opposition has accused the KGB of being behind the disappearances of several of Lukashenko's political opponents since he came to power in 1994.



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