Where can I travel in Belarus?

By: Limotek

Most people today live hectic lives in big cities with very little time to unwind and relax along with their loved ones. Most businessmen and professionals find that their professional life has intruded into their personal life and so they find it is important to get away from the hassles and take a holiday with their dear ones someplace closer to nature. Belarus is one of those places they can go and have the best and most relaxing holidays ever. This country is landlocked and is sited in Eastern Europe bordering Poland, Lithuania and Latvia. She covers an incredible area of 207,600 square kilometres with a population of about 10 million with the main language being Belarusian, Russian and Polish. Getting around Belarus has been made simple with the availability of numerous means of transport like trains, buses and taxis among many more.

In the capital city, Minsk, there is a vast selection of attractions and things to do while you are here and the same applies to other cities. The suburb of Troitskoye Predmestye should not be missed when you are on a tour through Minsk as it gives an insight into the way this city once looked like in the 19th century. You can also visit the idyllic Minsk Lake that is not far from Raubichi and it is dotted with multiple islets and surrounded by dense pines giving it a gorgeous look. The onion-shaped domes of Russian Orthodox churches dominate the landscape throughout the country especially around Logoysk, Kransoe and Molodechno. Pinsk is 300 kilometres south of Minsk and is the second largest city in the Brest region with an abundance of historical, architectural and cultural monuments. 120 kilometres from Minsk is the small town of Mir that possesses the 15th century Mir Castle which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Close to it is the historic Nesvizh which still retains its old buildings. The former residence of the Radzvilli family is one of the most impressive palaces in the country and it is surrounded by a large park with numerous lakes and elaborate gardens.

Visit the Museum of Folk Architecture situated in Orzeto and features original pieces of century-old buildings from different regions of Belarus. There is also the Dudutki Museum which is found 40 kilometres from the capital city and is the only private museum in Belarus that shows traditional crafts and lifestyle. If you are a sports enthusiast, you can enjoy excellent cross-country skiing in the Raubichy Olympic Sports Complex which is 22 kilometres from Minsk. If you love mountain skiing, there are two modern resorts, Logoysk and Silichy situated 30 kilometres from Minsk and skating is also available. One of the highlights of Brest is a tour of the fortress which was used to repel the German forces during World War II. There is a museum inside the fortress which chronicles its history back to the 13th century. If you are a tourist seeking political history, the village of Viskouli is where leaders of Belarus, Russia and Ukraine signed the famous agreement stipulating the final disintegration of the USSR.

For accommodation, Belarus has two and three star hotels in Brest, Gomel, Grodno, Mogivel and Pinsk. Minsk and Vitebsk have two to four star hotels; however, two 5-star hotels are soon to be built. There are limited facilities for camping in Belarus, though several camping sites are soon to be organised according to the National Program of Tourism Development. Belarus' is a trip you are bound to relish forever.



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