Belarus completed the sowing campaign in optimum agrotechnical terms

Agricultural economies of Belarus have completed the sowing campaign of spring crops, declared the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Belarus, on May 20.

The economies completed the sowing campaign in optimum agrotechnical terms with strict observance of agricultural crops cultivation technologies. Agrarians sowed spring crops throughout 2.5 mln ha or 107% from the planned areas. Brest oblast sowed spring crops on 391.1 thsd ha (105%), Vitebsk oblast - 388.1 thsd ha (120%), Gomel oblast - 381.4 thsd ha (104%), Grodno oblast - 339.7 thsd ha (102%), Minsk oblast - 625.7 thsd ha (105%), Mogilev oblast - 351.3 thsd ha (109%).

Agrarians sowed flaxseed throughout 65.000 ha, maize - 809 thsd ha, or 100.7% of the planned areas. Agricultural organizations continue sowing of late spring grains - buckwheat and millet. Buckwheat occupies 11.800 ha of sowing areas (34% from the plan), millet - 4.900 ha (82%). Belarus plans to complete the sowing campaign of two grains till June 1.



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