Belarus: UFO reported by villagers

Michael Cohen

At least two residents of the small town of Nevel in Belarus, near the state's border with the Ukraine have reported seeing a strange light move across the skies above their homes. The light was described as luminous blue in colour and appeared to be traveling at a height of about fifty to one hundred metres above the ground at a speed of around 70 kilometres an hour.

One couple reported seeing the light on their way home at night. The event occurred on Tuesday 26 May at around 10pm.

'I was walking through a small field and looked up and saw this odd blue light fly over me, I do not know what it could be but it definitely wasn't normal' commented Sergey, 29 one of the two witnesses.

'It was shaped like a sphere and was very bright. My skeptical girlfriend says it could have been anything really, an airplane or a very bright spotlight' noted Sergey 'However I think that perhaps it was a UFO'.



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