Ukrainian, Belarusian presidents discuss cooperation under Eastern Partnership


Ukrainian President Viktor Yuschenko and Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko have discussed the two country's cooperation in the frames of the European Union's Eastern Partnership initiative.

The two presidents said this in a statement of following their meeting in Gomel on Wednesday.

"This project (Eastern Partnership) can affect many aspects of life, including economic one: We are great are fellows in this issue," Yuschenko said.

The Ukrainian president said he is confident that the consultations on the presentation of the Eastern Partnership in Prague on May 7 will allow define five specific guidelines for the respective projects. He added that basing on these projects the cooperation between Ukraine and Belarus could be built.

Lukashenko, in turn, noted: "We are very grateful to you, Viktor Andriyovych, for what you personally have done so that Belarus could be involved into the Eastern Partnership."

"We are with Ukraine, and this is our joint stand. We have stated the fact that we are participating in European affairs not against anybody. These are our interests, vital interests, which are beneficial for our peoples and for our economies, in the first place. We will keep this in mind tomorrow in Prague, while carrying out the dialog at the European level," the Belarusian president said.



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