St. George ribbon campaign to be held in Belarus

MOSCOW, May 1 (RIA Novosti) - Russia's annual St. George Ribbon campaign will for the first time be held in Belarus on May 5-9.

"The campaign is especially important for the Belarusian nation that sustained irretrievable losses during the war; it's important to remember and take pride in the feat of our fathers, grandfathers and great grandfathers to cultivate among the young a love for the Motherland and its history," the campaign organizer said.

In Russia, the campaign will be run for a fifth year. It was started by RIA Novosti and the Student Community youth organization. More than 45 million ribbons are distributed throughout the world, including in Ukraine, Estonia, Germany, Britain, the United States and China.

The St. George Ribbon campaign has become a symbol among people of Russia's sacrifices during WWII. On the eve of Victory Day, May 9, people attach ribbons with black and orange stripes to their car antennas, jackets, backpacks, or hospital beds for veterans. Some people keep the ribbon for the entire year.

Orange and black are the traditional colors of Soviet and Russian awards for military achievements. The black and orange stripes symbolize smoke and fire.

Please contact representative offices in Russian communities abroad for information on where to get your St. George ribbons internationally.

For any information concerning the St. George Ribbon campaign please contact the organizing committee at +7 (495) 645-66-11 , or email to



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