Belarus: Special ice cream treats from Petr

It's hot work for the journalists, fans, artists and many other delegation members rushing about the Olimpiyski Arena between stage rehearsals, press conferences and interviews. This year our Belarussian friends have come up with a very welcome and tasty solution to this by providing free ice cream to everyone working here.

Thousands of the creamy and delicious treats - all sporting Petr Elfimov's face beaming from the front of the wrapper - have been devoured in the past six days, so Esctoday set off to find out who's clever idea it was to sweeten up the delegates, and more importantly, to find out how on earth they make it so creamy.

Ha ha, we know that all the journalists work very hard, and we wanted to provide a special treat for them, something that would remind them of our lovely and sweet country, Belarus!, said Anastasyia Tikhanich, the glamourous multi-talented singer/executive producer of Eurofest, the national final of Belarus.

We brought 36,000 ice creams in a special refigerated van on the 7 hour journey from Minsk to give our dear colleagues a lovely surprise, she went on, and we also brought many bottles of Bulbash vodka - also featuring Petr's effervescent smile - to ensure that once everyone is cooled down, they can have a very happy time thinking about our Belarussian entry this year." Petr prefers beer, she told us. But back to the important question of the creaminess... Ah, that comes from the love that the ice cream is made with and with which it is given to all of you!

We would like to thank David Elder for tasting all the Belarus ice cream on behalf of



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