Belarus to benefit from participation in Eastern Partnership

Interfax cited Mr Alexander Lukashenko president of Belarusian as saying that, Belarus's participation in the EU's Eastern Partnership program will benefit the country.

Mr Lukashenko said "On the whole, we have gotten what we expected. This is a very advantageous practical project. He said that what concerns us above all is that we sell half of our products to the EU. We have to overcome duties and barriers. He added that doesn't it make sense to campaign for a free trade zone in the European Union?"

He also said that "What appeals us most of all is a free trade zone with the European Union."

Mr Lukashenko also described as promising Belarus's involvement in the construction of the Baltic Sea-Black Sea transportation corridor, for which about EUR 1 billion should be allotted. He said that "This project will be implemented and Ukraine and Belarus are prepared for it."

Mr Lukashenko said "Cooperation with our neighbors is the most important thing in the Eastern Partnership. He said that there is no politics there. What do human rights and democracy has to do with oil and gas? Who is against human rights in Belarus today? Nobody."

(Sourced from Interfax)



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