Butterfly wings on glittering dresses for Belarus

Oslo, Norway -

The Belarusian representatives 3+2 rehearsed their powerful ballad Butterflies for the first time on stage in Oslo today. They performed in front of brown curtains on a dark stage with spotlights on the singers.

The Belarusian band 3+2 contains three female singers and two male ones, hence the name 3+2. Also on stage was a white piano, which will be played by the Swedish musician Robert Wells in the First Semi-Final, that's why the name of the act representing Belarus in the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest has been officially changed to "3+2 feat. Robert Wells". In today's rehearsal, however, the famous pianist was replaced by an extra.

The female part of the group was wearing glittering long dresses in gold, silver and copper colours, respectively, while the male singers wore black suits. The stage was set in dark colours with no background lights and just spotlights on the singers. During the last performance, the female singers opened a ribbon attached to their dresses, which made huge butterfly wings appear behind them. Smoke effects were also tried out in the later runs of the rehearsal. Towards the end of the stage act, butterfly-shaped confetti were falling onto the stage. The whole act was very convincing and vocally strong.


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