Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan Fail to Reach Agreement on Customs Union: Putin

Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan have not yet reached an agreement on some sensitive issues in building the three-country Customs Union, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said on Friday.

"We should inform you that we have so far been unable to coordinate all issues, and there are some sensitive points for the economies of Kazakhstan, Belarus and Russia," Putin was quoted as saying after the talks in St. Petersburg by the Interfax news agency.

According to Putin, Kazakhstan is concerned about the volume of goods brought into the country by individuals, the issues of automobile and aviation industry are sensitive for Russia, and Belarus cares about customs duties.

"We agreed to continue the ratification process of the Customs Code in two weeks at the expert level," said Putin.

The prime ministers of Belarus and Kazakhstan also reaffirmed the need for further coordination.

Putin said earlier on Friday that the Customs Union outgrew its initial plain economic frames and became a new global reality.

The three countries are to introduce the common customs code by July 1 based on 18 separate interstate agreements. Eight of them have already been signed, Putin noted.


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