Belarus plans to harvest nearly 10 mln tonnes of grains till 2015

Belarus plans to produce nearly 10 mln tonnes of grains till 2015, declared Ivan Bambiza, the Vice-Premier of the government of Belarus, on May 28.

According to I.Bambiza, such production volumes will allow increasing the export potential of the agricultural sector and support the stable development of the debit balance of foreign trading with agricultural products.

Taking into account the complete supporting of the domestic consumption in grains, Belarus plans to increase own export capacities of grain products from the country in the nearest future, including seeds.

The Vice-Premier also marked that the agricultural industry of Belarus should completely overcome the unprofitable character of production till 2015, and the general profitability on the industry should total nearly 30%.

As a reminder, in 2009, grain production volumes in Belarus in all categories of agricultural enterprises totaled 8.51 mln tonnes in clean weight, a decrease of 5.6% compared to 2008.


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