Kulczyk to expand into Belarus?

One of Poland's richest men, Jan Kulczyk, has unveiled plans to open a coal-fired power plant in Belarus as part of plans to expand his growing energy empire.

Jan Kulczyk is planning an energy consolidation project, with investments in Poland, Belarus, and the Ukraine by his group Kulczyk Investments.

"Poland is beginning to play an ever more important role in the energy map of Europe," Kulczyk told the Parkiet market publication, adding that "it would be good if we [Poland] were a leader of energy consolidation in the region."

The consolidation centre will most probably be in the Baltic city of Gdansk, as Kulczyk recently hinted to the press that he has put in a tender for Energa energy, which is up for privatisation.

"Our aim is to create a private, Polish energy group which would consolidate assets in the sector," Kulczyk commented.

Regionally, in 2012, Kulczyk wants to start construction work on a 1000 MW coal-fired power plant in Belarus, with a similar 2000 MW plant planned to be built in Tczew, near Gdansk. Both plants are to use new ecological methods of coal burning.


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