First Deputy PM: Belarus is one of main strategic partners of Azerbaijan

Belarus is one of the main strategic partners of Azerbaijan, First Deputy Prime Minister of Azerbaijan Yaqub Eyyubov said today at the opening of the second National Exhibition of Belarus in Baku.

"If the annual growth of trade turnover with other countries amounts to a few percent, the growth of trade turnover with Belarus in 2009 compared to 2008 was 1.6 times," Yaqub Eyyubov said.

Belarusian Vice Premier Andrei Kobyakov said at the opening ceremony, that the heads of State of Azerbaijan and Belarus during Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev's visit to Belarus in November 2009 set the goal in a very short time to bring trade turnover to $ 500 million and in perspective to $ 1 billion.

According to Kobyakov, that turnover, which exists now, despite a fourfold increase to 130 million dollars since 2006 is insufficient.

"That's why we are here. We brought national exhibition to Azerbaijan. More than 150 Belarusian enterprises are represented at this exhibition. We have tried to show here all the potential of the Republic of Belarus for bilateral trade," Kobyakov said.

According to him, the exhibition includes sectors such as machine building, science and technology, nanotechnology, agriculture and others.

"We hope that the result of the exhibition will not only be the contacts and meetings, but also the concrete results of trade-economic cooperation and contracts," Kobyakov stressed.


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