Lukashenko urged to permit Belarusian gay parade

FOCUS News Agency

Minsk. Belarusian sexual minorities have asked president Alexander Lukashenko to allow a Slavonic gay parade to be held in Minsk, the event's organizer told RIA Novosti on Friday.

The parade in the Belarusian capital of Minsk is planned for May 15, but permission has not yet been obtained from the city authorities.

"We sent a letter to Alexander Lukashenko requesting that the issue be brought under his personal control because we think the decision will be made on a higher level," Sergei Androsenko said.

He said the local authorities have until May 10 to reply to the application, although the parade will be held regardless of whether it has permission or not.

"We will consider a prohibition of our parade political homophobia and will have to protest."

For safety reasons, Androsenko did not reveal any details about where the parade will be held. He said representatives of sexual minorities from Russia, German, Norway, Austria and Australia will take part in the parade.

An Australian director, making a film about countries where gay parades are held in difficult circumstances, has already arrived to Minsk.

"There won't be dressed up or naked people; we are trying to hold a fully-fledged civil human rights campaign," Androsenko said.


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