Belarusian sites must to undergo state registration

By Anton Chuiko

In Belarus, issued a new decree of the Council of Ministers No. 644, which relates to work on the Internet. We have already mentioned that the Belarusian authorities have ordered Internet cafes to gather information about visitors and to provide it at the request of prosecutors, investigators, courts and other state agencies.

As it turned out, the government continues to "tighten the screws": Resolution 644 enables the Belarusian KGB and operational-analytical center at the president to gain access to the subscriber bases of operators, including mobile communications.

But that's not all: all Internet resources, but rather information networks, systems and resources of the national segment of the Internet (. BY), located on the territory of Belarus, will have to undergo state registration. Ministry of Communications will have to create a register of sites, it will be forwarded to the Operations Analysis Center under the President of Belarus. To register for site owners to apply for a full description of the portal: the location of the owner, IP address, domain name, hosting, data, protocols and communication channels and so on. All sites that have not passed registration, will be working illegally. The new decision of the Council of Ministers will become effective on July 1.


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