Belarus suggests to speed up formation of EurAsEC customs union

Belarus proposed to draw up the legal-treaty basis of the EurAsEC customs union by the end of 2006, deputy prime minister of Belarus Andrei Kobyakov has told reporters today.

He said Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan intend to complete drawing up the legal-treaty basis of the customs union during this period. Belarus also suggests signing relevant documents at the level of the heads of state of the EurAsEC member states in 2007.

Andrei Kobyakov noted that the agenda of today's meeting of the EurAsEC Interstate Council includes the issue on strategy and tactics of the EurAsEC development.

Andrei Kobyakov noted the single customs tariff has been unified in Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan at the level of 65 per cent, between Belarus and Russia - 95 per cent. "We hope that Kazakhstan will unify the customs tariff with Belarus and Russia at the level of 80 per cent in 2006. This will make the basis of the customs union which will be able to function", the vice premier said.