Days of Belarusian cinema to be open in Moldova on Friday

The Days of Belarussian Cinema will be open in Moldova on Friday in the Patria cinema house. Belarusian Ambassador Vasily Sakovich, Minister of Culture and Tourism of Moldova Artur Cozma and Deputy Director of the Belarusfilm company Aleksandr Telushko will open the days.

According Belarusian Embassy the action will take place from June 30 to July 3. On Friday there will be no entrance fee. The Chisinau citizens will see Belarusian animated cartoon films 'Nesterka- -1', 'Nesterka-2' and 'The Adventures of the Reactive Piglet', followed by lyrical picture 'Dunechka', devoted to the memory of famous Belarusian actor Nikolay Yeremenko.

On Saturday the Belarusian guests will show their films in the Village of Tvardita, followed by demonstrating films in Cahul. On Monday the days will be concluded in Balti.

The cinema days will be accompanied by a "Belarus is Our Motherland' photo exhibition arranged by the BELTA agency. BELTA Director General Dmitry Juk will open this exhibition.

The Moldovan TV will show works by Belarusian TV journalists in the frames of the Week of the Belarusian TV Company. This program will also include Belarusian feature films and documentaries, as well as concerts.