Permanent Representatives of EurAsEC members to meet in Minsk

The thirty-eighth session of Commission of Permanent Representatives under Eurasian Economic Community (EurAsEC) will be held in Minsk, Belarus, on 21 June.

The session of EurAsEC Permanent Representatives is held in the eve of the summit of the EurAsEC heads of states, which will be held in Belarusian capital on 23 June.

The draft agenda of the meeting includes 11 issues, including issues on strengthening and construction of facilities in external boarders of EurAsEC, optimization of transport burden in final price of goods, development of inter-state leasing of agriculture equipment, machinery and mechanisms in the community till 2010, legal registration of Uzbekistan's accession to the organization and others.

Eurasian Economic Community (EurAsEC) is economic union and unites Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan joined the group on 25 January 2005.

Uzbekistan joined EurAsEC on 25 January 2005. The organisation includes Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Tajikistan and it was set up in October 2000 to solve economic integration of member-states.

Ostonqul Mirzaev is permanent representative of Uzbekistan to EurAsEC. Mirzaev is also acting representative of Uzbekistan at charter and other bodies of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).