Belarus says it sold arms to Azerbaijan, Slovakia, Djibouti last year

The Belarusian government has announced that it did not import any conventional weapons and sold arms to Azerbaijan, Slovakia and Djibouti last year.

In its 2005 report sent to the UN Register of Conventional Arms, the government says that it supplied Azerbaijan with 19 T-72 tanks, exported two Mi-8 helicopters to Slovakia and two Mi-24 choppers to Djibouti, the lowest amount of weapons sold by the country in a decade.

The sum of the contracts was not disclosed.

In 2004, Belarus supplied Sudan with 21 BRDM-2 armoured reconnaissance vehicles, seven BTR-80 and 10 BTR-70 armoured personnel carriers and a BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicle. In addition, Belarus sold two Su-25 fighter jets to Ivory Coast.

In 2003, Belarus exported nine BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles, 39 BRDM-2s and 32 artillery systems to Sudan, 19 missiles for the Igla mobile anti-aircraft system to Sweden and 20 armoured vehicles and 16 artillery systems to Ivory Coast.

Between 1996 and 2002, Belarus sold arms to Iran, Algeria, Sudan, Ivory Coast, Peru, Congo, Papua New Guinea, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, Uganda, Morocco, the United Arab Emirates and Ukraine.