Belarus views Azerbaijan as reliable partner

Chairman of the House of Representatives Vladimir Andreychenko spoke about the Azerbaijani-Belarus relations.

'Belarus views Azerbaijan as a reliable and long-term partner', said chairman of the House of Representatives Vladimir Andreychenko speaking to the delegation of Azerbaijani parliament.

'South Caucasus is our reliable long-term partner and friend which always supports us. The same can be said about the attitude of Belarus to Azerbaijan', said speaker of the House of Representatives. He considers that the countries maintain favorable relations.

Vladimir Andreychenko voiced hope that the cooperation between the countries will get a new stimulus thanks to the upcoming visit of the Belarus president to Azerbaijan.

Samad Seyidov, chairman of the standing commission of the Azerbaijani parliament on international relations ad interparliamentary ties, agreed with the opinion of the Belarus speaker saying Azerbaijan also considers Belarus an important strategic partner on the international arena. He said the visit of the senior officials of Belarus to Azerbaijan is a great honor and another proof of warm relations between the countries', BELTA reports.


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