Three crazy days in modern Woodstock (Norviliskes)

By Rokas M. Tracevskis

VILNIUS - Be2gether, a Woodstock-style three-day outdoor festival of crazy rock and other modern music, will be held in Norviliskes (Salcininkai region), some 50 meters from the Lithuanian-Belarusian border on June 25-27. This traditional and international annual festival is held in the field in front of an ancient palace, which is owned by the festival's organizer - he owns this palace and lives there.

The festival started three years ago. Many young Belarusians are coming to the festival with the now banned white-red-white pre-Lukashenko flags of Belarus. This is why the festival is observed by the Belarusian and Lithuanian secret services (separately, of course) because both sides are afraid of some provocations near the border. However, secret agents do not interfere with the festival.

This year's Be2gether will be rocked by foreign groups such as Empire of the Sun, Skunk Anansie, Roots Manuva, Ruble, WhoMadeWho, Casiokids, Haydamaky, Bauchklang, Crystal Fighters as well as Lithuanian participants: Biplan, Antis, Happyendless, Skamp, Poliarizuoti Stiklai, Bix, Zas, Alina Orlova and many other Lithuanian and foreign singers and musicians of various styles.

One of the most popular Australian bands, Empire Of The Sun, was a nominee in two categories at the Brit Awards 2010. This band is called the hottest Australian act for stunning live shows, which include cosmic costumes and light shows.

Fans of a heavier style of music will be rocked by Britain's Skunk Anansie. The band has been nominated many times for the MTV European Music Awards. Skunk Anansie toured with such bands as U2, Aerosmith, Lenny Kravitz, Rammstein, Muse, and played for Nelson Mandela and the Dalai Lama.

Ruble is the new name of the famous Russian band Leningrad. The change of name didn't change the essence of these rowdies: they break the guitar strings with heavy riffs, and swear and curse all possible social problems in their songs.

Lithuanian 22-year old singer Alina Orlova will also make her appearance at the festival. This girl was born into a Russian-speaking family in Visaginas, Lithuania's only ethnic Russian-dominated town. She became popular Europe-wide after tours in the UK, France, Poland, Ukraine and Holland. She writes the music and verses of her songs herself. Now her songs' Lithuanian texts are sung at her concerts in Moscow or Kiev by crowds of her fans, though those crowds do not understand the Lithuanian words in those texts. Orlova's debut album Laukinis Suo Dingo (a play on words in Lithuanian, which can be translated as A Wild Dog Has Gone, or A Wild Dog Dingo (the Australians know these sorts of wild dogs) was re-released by French label Fargo. Orlova's name is frequently mentioned by London's Time Out, Vogue, L'Officiel and other foreign media. At the festival Orlova will present songs from her latest album, and a totally new show.

There is a place for tent camping and cars at the festival. Those who get dirty at the festival can wash themselves off there. Girls are welcome to dance in the mud, being dressed in bikinis. There will be a big choice of various entertainment during the festival. Those who want to enjoy their wedding can do it in the castle. It is as quick as in Las Vegas and is somewhat better - it is not legally binding. The only condition: you should somehow remember the name of your bride or groom. It will also be possible to visit a high-fashion barber for free at the festival. At the festival grounds one will be able to find free massage parlors as well as beauty and spa treatments. Ayurvedic and other exotic massages are also available.

For the first time at Be2gether Festival, there will be a separate stage for art performances, which are not related to rock or pop music. This stage will host the presentations of the world's different cultures, theater shows and improvisations, modern art performances in which the festival visitors are welcome to participate. The festival guests can learn how to play drums, juggle, perform acrobatic skits, or they can participate in street dance competitions. Jewish music performance will be presented by Fajerlech, Vilnius Jewish folk band. The audience will also have a chance to see capoeira (Afro-Brazilian art form that combines elements of martial arts, music and dance), flamenco, salsa and a French song project.

A one day ticket costs 95 litas (27.50 euros). Three-day ticket costs 145 litas. Tickets can be bought via where those who are interested can also find some additional info about this crazy festival in the Salcininkai region.


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