Belarus forecasts the shortage of winter grain production at the level of nearly 0.5 mln tonnes in 2010

The Scientific practical center of agriculture of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus announced that rather difficult conditions of wintering in the country caused the undertake of winter grain production in 2010 at the level of nearly 0.5 mln tonnes compared to 2009 results.

The center declared that winter grain sowings were recognized as perished and resowed throughout 173.7 thsd ha or 13.2 % of the general areas. Nearly 430 thsd ha of winter crop sowing areas or 37.5% show satisfactory conditions.

As a result, according to estimations of the scientists, due to decreasing of the area of winter crop sowings in view of the negative wintering conditions, the production of winter grains will total 3.55-3.6 mln tonnes as opposed to 4 mln tonnes in 2009, meanwhile, with the terms that yield will form the same index as in the previous year.

The experts still have difficulties forecasting, how less the production of grains will become, because of such negative effect. They noticed that spring grain production would probably compensate the reporting undertake, and that the situation in further would depend on the weather conditions.

The experts stated that the weather did not work for the benefit of yield indices, so as the present precipitations do not let to use crop protecting agents rather qualitative for fight with weeds and illnesses.

Totally, while characterizing the evolving situation, the specialists of the Scientific practical center of agriculture named it as rather difficult but not hopeless.

According to the task of Government, Belarus plans to to harvest not less than 10 mln tonnes of grains. In order to reach such results, the average yield of grains should be 40 c/ha.

In 2009, the general production of grains in all categories of agricultural enterprises totaled nearly 9 mln tonnes with the average yield 33.3 c/ha. The country received 8.51 mln tonnes of grains in clean weight (down 5.6% compared to 2008).


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