Gazprom may cut 85 percent gas supply to Belarus for huge debt: CEO

FOCUS News Agency

Moscow. Russian gas monopoly Gazprom may cut 85 percent of gas deliveries to Belarus from June 21 due to huge debt, Gazprom's CEO Alexei Miller said on Thursday, as cited by Xinhua.

"Considering the set price of gas in June and an amount of debt of USD 192 million, gas supply to Belarus could be cut by 85 percent of the planned volume. The remaining 15 percent will allow Belarus to maintain its gas transport system till it compensate in full its outstanding debt," the RIA Novosti news agency cited Miller as saying.

On Tuesday, Gazprom threatened to cut the gas supply to Belarus in five-day time.

"According to contract signed by Gazprom and Minsk, we have well-grounded reason to cut supplies if Belarus does not cut its debt," Miller told Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.

Medvedev discussed the issue of payments for gas supplies with his Belorussian counterpart Alexander Lukashenko during their latest encounter.

Currently Minsk owes Gazprom USD 200 million.

Gazprom has sent to Minsk two letters reminding of the debt for gas shipment but got no reply, claimed Alexei Miller.


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