Artezio, a Leading Russian/Belarus Development Service Provider Introduces Its SAP/ABAP and BOT Services to German Market

Permanent business development representation in Rosenheim, Germany, established in cooperation with Dr. Hans Schwendler, CONINTEC.

Rosenheim, Germany, June 03, 2010 --( For more than five years Artezio has been growing a dedicated SAP/ABAP team of specialists both for national and international accounts, especially for Austria and Switzerland. The competency spreads from ABAP development to SAP R/3 modules as FI-CA(RM-CA) - Industry solution SAP for Telecommunications; SD - Sales and Distribution; MM - Materials Management; PP - Production Planning; PM - Plant Maintenance; PS - Project System, etc. using various tools and technologies. Artezio gained a wide SAP experience with Austrian, Swiss, and Russian corporate clients in telecom, retail and gas/oil industries.

At the same time Artezio has created and managed several dedicated software development centers of 50+ engineers. Some of these centers were transferred to European, Japanese, and US customers (build-operate-transfer model) as an own legally independent unit.

Artezio experienced strong success with SAP development services in Austria and Switzerland in cooperation with GTW Management Consulting GmbH, Vienna, the leading Austrian provider of SAP services. Such huge company as Swisscom (Switzerland) has been a client of this Artezio-GTW partnership for many years. Relying on the continuous positive market response Artezio has made a strategic decision to offer it's expertise in SAP and BOT to Germany as well.

Artezio teamed with Dr. Hans Schwendner, CONINTEC, the business development consultancy in the field of nearshore software development services to establish a permanent business development representation in Germany, Rosenheim. "On the one hand, Artezio has a wide range of highly qualified SAP/ABAP developers experienced with German speaking quality oriented customers, but, on the other hand, it's still at the cost level of Eastern Europe. It is a unique offer for German companies to take advantage of now. Not only for project based development, but also for larger scale business models like BOT. Companies that so far have been considering India for development services will be positively surprised by cost, cultural closeness and business attitude," comments Dr. Schwendner.

The service of Artezio as SAP or BOT partner for German companies is mostly provided from Minsk, Belarus, a politically and economically stable environment with strong focus in education of its people. With several local universities and return of expatriates to Belarus, Artezio has easy access to highly qualified staff to support its growth.

About Artezio

Artezio is an ISO 9001:2008 certified software development and consulting company. Over the last nine years, Artezio has completed more than 300 projects for its international clients. Artezio's software development services allow its clients to deploy multi-platform applications, thus letting them leverage the power of modern software technologies. This is done with the highest degree of engineering skills in conjunction with clear and transparent communication processes. As a business consulting service provider, Artezio offers technology companies help and expertise in setting up and managing their own offshore/nearshore software development centers. Since 2005, Artezio is a member and a major offshore division of SAP-Partner LANIT group which is a $1.4B IT Services vendor with 4000 employees. From its development centers Artezio delivers cost effective, high quality IT services to clients in North America, Europe, Middle East and Japan thus being one of the leading Russian offshore/nearshore software developers.


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