Ganja Automobile Plant signs memorandum with Minsk Automobile Plant

Ganja Automobile Plant (Azerbaijan) signed a memorandum of intentions with Minsk Automobile Plant (Belarus) to expand the automotive assembly of equipment based on MAZ chassis at the meeting of Azerbaijan-Belarus intergovernmental commission on trade and economic cooperation, the Azerbaijani enterprise head Khanlar Fatiyev said.

This memorandum envisages assembly on the basis of MAZ municipal machinery produced by German company Haller.

In late April, Ganja Automobile Plant and German Haller signed a long-term contract for the production of municipal equipment based on MAZ, assembled at the plant in Azerbaijan.

The contract for 10 years involves production of MAZ trucks with equipment made by Haller for transporting waste volume of 16 and 22 cubic meters.

The first stage provides for release of about 100-150 units of municipal engineering. Manufactured equipment is expected to be sold on the markets of Azerbaijan, Turkey and Georgia.

According to the contract, the major part of parts for waste transporting equipment will be produced in an Azerbaijani factory. Assembly-welding and paint shop businesses will be equipped with modern technologies.

Cooperation with Haller will allow to create about 100 new jobs.

German company Haller is the leader in municipal vehicles, in particular, garbage collection vehicles. The company was founded in 1871.

Today Ganja Plant also assembles 25-ton cranes on the basis of MAZ.

The plant assembles goods of the Minsk Tractor Plant for the needs of the domestic market. According to market research, the plant has the opportunity of the annual production level of up to 5,000 units for the local market at existing areas.

The contract for the assembly and sale of the whole range of trucks and tractors produced by Minsk automobile and tractor plants in Azerbaijan was signed in late November 2006 in Minsk. Assemble is conducted in an area of 20,000 square meters.

Ganja is located 265 kilometers west of Baku.


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