Russia sets up headquarters over probable gas transit cuts to EU

MOSCOW, June 21 (Itar-Tass) -- The Russian Energy Ministry is concerned that some gas transit countries may cut Russian gas supplies to Europe.

"The Russian Energy Ministry set up an operational headquarters to monitor the situation over probable cuts of Russian gas transit supplies through third countries," a source in the Energy Ministry told Itar-Tass on Monday. Deputy Energy Minister Sergei Kudryashov was appointed as chief of the operational headquarters.

Gazprom reduced by 15% the gas supplies to Belarus and started gradually lifting gas supply cuts to 85% over Belarus' debt for Russian gas supplies to the tune of 192 million dollars. Gazprom stated earlier that the gas export supplies would be made to Europe in the same volume. However, Belarus earlier claimed that Russia also has the debt for gas transit supplies. Meanwhile, Belarus did not produce any documents verifying this debt.


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