Russia not to raise gas supplies to EU bypassing Belarus

MOSCOW, June 21 (Itar-Tass) -- Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin stated that Russia would not increase gas supplies to Europe bypassing Belarus, particularly through Ukraine. "I hope this will not happen," the premier said at a meeting of the government presidium on Monday.

Speaking on the threat of Belarusian unauthorized gas takeout through the Yamal-Europe trunk gas pipeline, Putin acknowledged that "such opportunity is possible in technical terms." "Currently we are pumping 33 billion cubic meters annually. We are pumping 65.5 million cubic meters daily at the European request, and there is an opportunity to re-channel these flows to other routes, particularly through the Ukrainian gas transportation system," the premier said.

He noted that 105 billion cubic meters of gas are pumped through the Ukrainian gas transportation system annually, but the throughput capacity of the Ukrainian gas transit system is estimated at 120-130 billion cubic meters. "I hope this will not happen," the prime minister underlined.


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