Kyrgyz Ambassador to Minsk says no threat for Belarus diplomatic mission

Bishkek - News Agency "", By Daniyar KARIMOV

The Kyrgyz Ambassador to Belarus has stated that there is no threat for Belarusian diplomatic mission in Bishkek, Interfax West reports.

"There is absolutely no danger for the diplomatic mission in Bishkek, in Kyrgyzstan," she underlined. She added that "absolutely all diplomatic missions work, new missions arrive almost every week". Boldzhurova said that she does not know why Belarusian diplomats see danger for the Belarusian mission's arrival to Kyrgyzstan.

Ishengul Boldzhurova states that would like to thank Belorussian ambassador Victor Denisenko. "He has managed to patch up relations with those people who came to Belarus Embassy with notes, she said, he showed diplomatic ability at dialogue with people, whose children died during April events in Bishkek.


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