Lithuania, Poland and Germany could have gas supplies problems

Troubles between Russia and Belarus have activated crisis measures in Europe warning "a new gas war".

Russia's deputy Prime Minister, Igor Sechin, wrote European Union Energy Commission to formally announce that they have reduced gas supplies to Belarus. The reason that Russia has pointed out to make the decision is that Belarus has an unpaid debt of 160 million Euros.

The European Union decided to activate a gas crisis planning as in Brussels people are afraid of the answer that might come from the Belarus President, Alexander Lukashenko, since he could decide to cut European gas supplies to have a powerful card to play in the negotiations with Russia.

Lithuania could be seriously affected if Belarus decides to cut the gas supplies as they receive 100% of its gas through Belarusian channels. Lithuania does not receive gas through the Yamal pipeline, which gives gas to the most of European countries.

Poland and Germany could have also some problems, but more in an indirect way, as they also receive gas from Belarus.

Right now, Russia has cut a 15% of the capacity but, in the nearest future, the situation could get worse. The chief of Gazprom (the Russian gas giant), Alexei Miller, said that the 85% of the capacity could be cut if they do not find a solution of the problem with Belarus.

In Brussels, a European Commission spokeswoman said that they expect problems between Russia and Belarus do not affect the European gas flows.

She also pointed out that energy experts are analysing the situation, because the 20% of Russia's western-bound exports are transported through Belarus.

Speaking about Lithuania, she said that if there would be any problems, Latvia could be able to help its neighbor.

EU is worried about the situation because last year Russia cut the supplies to Ukraine for two weeks, circumstance that created problems in some countries of Europe.


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