Belarus pays $260 mln to Gazprom for May gas

Belarus has paid $260 million for the gas it received from Russia in May.

Beltransgaz decided on the payout in compliance with the contract signed on 31 December, 2006, thus showing its readiness to pay for the gas under the contract terms, a spokesman for Gazprom said.

However, Moscow expects Minsk to promptly pay out its $192 million debt for the gas delivered since the beginning of this year.

Belarus has been paying an old price of $150 per 1,000 cubic meters of gas instead of $169.20 that Gazprom charged in the first quarter and $184.80 in the second.

Gazprom started decreasing gas deliveries on Monday and plans to slash them by 85%, in accordance with Belarus's debt. Today Russia has reduced gas deliveries to Belarus by 60% of the contractual amount.


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