Belarus claims it owes Gazprom nothing

Belarus owes Gazprom nothing after it transferred 187 million dollars for gas supplies to Gazprom's bank accounts. A statement to that effect was made in Minsk by Vice-Premier Vladimir Semashko, who said the money had been borrowed specifically to repay the gas debt.

Semashko didn't specify the source of borrowing, and neither did he account for the missing five million dollars. Gazprom had repeatedly made it clear that the Belarusian debt for the gas deliveries was 192 million. Belarus, in turn, insists on Gazprom paying 260 million dollars for gas transit and has threatened to block the pumping of gas if the holding fails to pay by June 24th.

Gazprom won't acknowledge the debt describing it as the result of Beltransgas' unilateral measure to increase the cost of gas transit into Europe without consulting Russia.


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